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How much changes in five years... [13 Dec 2015|04:53pm]
Okay. So, uh.

I was originally going to take the time to put out an ad for the business I've started up - communicator repair, officially approved by the Zone Cops, up and up to help with the problems people have with uppity devices catching them in the middle of private acts, but then something else came up that distracted me and I'd like to take a moment to say something.

Shipping - in the fandom sense - is dangerous if taken too seriously. Let's ignore the 'all fictionalized things are real somewhere' conversational black hole and recognize the here and now: if you want to make jokes about two real people - that is to say, people you could walk down to your local precinct or bakery and talk face-to-face to or touch - getting their freak on, that's fine as long as those people are okay with it. Insisting it's "canon" is bordering on unpleasant. Fighting with people who don't agree about your opinions on real people, people you could talk to and witness directly, that's. Uh. Well, I don't want anyone to get in trouble for stalking, okay?

Also, tumblr is a terrifying place where people apparently will have opinions of you no matter how unimportant you are.
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